Consultation are always free and can be scheduled after your 18th week of pregnancy. At our consult we take some time to become acquainted and learn more about each other. As your comfort is my business, it is so important that you are able to feel comfortable with me and to evaluate if we would make a good team. We can take time to address your individual and unique needs as an individual and unique woman.

Birth plan development

Some woman begin planning their birth mix tape the second they see that pink line while others allow time to pass and things to unfold at a leisurely pace, others don’t bother with a plan at all. No matter where you fall it’s best to feel confident and educated about all of your options.

Labor doula

As your labor doula I will be available on call from 38 weeks gestation to 42 weeks. I will arrive on location and strive to assist you in adhering to your birth plan while continuously monitoring your comfort level. With optional birth story photography.

Birth Photography

My first love will always be art. Birth photography allows me to combine everything I am passionate about. Being able to creatively capture such an intimate moment in your life is such a gift. Allowing your partner to focus on only you. The candids I will take on birth-day will highlight your bond and I hope be used to look back at the day fondly. My experience as a labor doula and in the birthing room truly give me an up to the competition. For birth photography I will travel nationwide with a travel fee.

Lactation assistance

24/7 on-call support

Placenta encapsulation or tincture.

The ancient practice of Placentophagia (placenta consumption) is making an appearance here in the US. Though this may seem bizarre and unorthodox to some, others will swear by the benefits. Women have made claims that placenta encapsulation ended post partum depression in its tracks and helped with milk production and energy levels.

TENDER- Teen Education: New Days, Evolving Roles-

The TENDER program is for teen girls facing unplanned pregnancy. Girls enrolled in TENDER will receive a consultation to discuss options, a birth plan, a labor doula, childbirth education, breast feeding education, sexual health education including access to birth control and information on womens preventative screenings. Discounts and scholarship may apply.

Child birth classes (TBA)-

General education- A weekly course to be enrolled in ideally around 32 weeks gestation. Course covers anatomy,  birth plan development, strategies for coping with labor, and the postpartum period. The course is done in the comfort of your own home! Perfect for accomodating parents schedules and needs so you don’t have to take off any more time before bub even gets here.  Also a perfect solution for mums on bed rest. The course will be catered to suit your needs from a birth education course.

Hypnobirthing- COMING IN 2013!!!

Grief and loss peer support-

One of the most painful experiences a woman can know is the loss of a child, no matter how small. It is my goal to develop a support network for women struggling to cope with their grief by connecting with others who can empathize with the aftermath of loss.

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