Bed Rest in Pregnancy – Premature Labor – Hospital Bed Rest – Prematurity

 While no women expects to be placed on bed rest during pregnancy it does happen.  Use the time to rest/craft/shop for baby (online of course)/ or take a childbirth class with a childbirth educatior (such as myself) who will come to your home or work with you online/over the phone.

Bed Rest in Pregnancy – Premature Labor – Hospital Bed Rest – Prematurity.

Grayson’s Arrival | Ceci Jane

A while back I featured a Cici Jane video for sweet little Liam and today I have lost myself on the Cici Jane site engrossed in her awesomeness, and this time I bring you baby Grayson.  I am so obsessed with her work and encourage you to check out her site also. Grayson’s Arrival | Ceci Jane.


CASA Midwifery School in Mexico

In this first post, students from CASA, Mexico’s only government-accredited midwifery training program, prepared for a trip to rural villages where they studied with Mayan traditional midwives. At their school in San Miguel de Allende, they practiced giving presentations on women’s health and responding to birth emergencies. And in CASA’s hospital, a local traditional midwife delivered a woman’s fifth baby.

via CASA Midwifery School in Mexico.