Liam’s Sweet Story | Ceci Jane

Liam’s Sweet Story | Ceci Jane.

I admit I have been kind of anti birth video as a keepsake.  Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE birth videos and recommend my clients watch as many videos of normal births as possible.  The point being, I viewed the videos as an educational tool, never as an art piece or a keepsake you would actually love to watch with your children or husband ever again… Until I found Ceci Jane’s birth videos.  New obsession.


Since I am a little late on Cesarean awareness month…

Inspired by yesterday’s Cesarean post.  This Friday’s birth story photography series is baby Finn’s Cesarean birth.  The photos are incredible and his mother’s account of the birth in her own words (which can be read here) is a must read to supplemental the photos.

Finn | Seattle Birth Stories » CALIMA Portraits.